The Importance of Staying on Top of Heat Pump Maintenance

Maintaining a comfortable home in New Orleans, LA, begins with professional heat pump maintenance. Typically, two service visits a year are recommended, one in the spring and one during the fall, to maintain consistent comfort. Understanding the importance of staying on top of heat pump maintenance will help you enjoy a healthy, safe, and energy-efficient home all year long.

Reduces the Likelihood of a Breakdown

An HVAC technician checks for worn-out parts during a maintenance visit. They’ll also lubricate high-friction areas, clean clogs from the condensate line, and replace dirty filters.

These actions reduce the likelihood of a breakdown. Preventing breakdowns means you won’t have to worry about disruptions to comfort or your pocketbook.

Save Money

A well-maintained heat pump uses between 10% and 25% less energy to maintain your home’s temperature according to the Department of Energy. You could save hundreds of dollars on electricity bills by scheduling yearly seasonal maintenance. Throughout a heat pump’s 10- to 12-year lifespan, that can result in significant savings.

Maintain Your Comfort

Staying on top of heat pump maintenance allows you to enjoy a consistently comfortable home. They also do a great job at maintaining an ideal indoor humidity level of 30% to 50%.

Keep Your Air Clean and Healthy

Heat pump maintenance also improves your home’s indoor air quality. Removing the old, dirty air filter and replacing it with a clean one allows the air handler to trap dust, pollen, and other airborne particles. Keeping the condensate line clean also reduces the likelihood of biological pollutants.

To learn more about why you need to stay on top of heat pump maintenance, take a look at Vallee Air Conditioning and Heating’s maintenance services, or reach out to us today to schedule an appointment with a certified technician. Delivering an outstanding customer experience is our goal.

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