5 Simple Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you often feel lethargic or experience frequent respiratory conditions and general ill-health, indoor air quality could be the culprit. Whether at home or work, contaminants in the indoor air can impact the air conditioning system and, more importantly, your well-being. We’re pleased to provide information and services to keep homes and businesses in and around Slidell, Louisiana, healthy.

Threats to Indoor Air Quality

Pollutants enter indoor spaces on clothing, shoes, and through open doors and windows. Contaminants also come from typical indoor activities such as cooking, which sends odors and particles airborne. It might seem hard to believe, but cleaning can also cause harmful substances to enter the air we breathe. Ensure cleaning supplies don’t contain harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). New furniture and carpets also give off VOCs.

Additionally, the presence of pets means dander and other organic matter will contaminate the indoor air. It is easy, therefore, to see why according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be as much as five times more polluted than outdoor air. Considering we are likely to spend more time indoors than outdoors, we must be proactive in managing the quality of air indoors.

Managing Indoor Air Quality

Keeping the indoor air clean does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. The following are simple steps you can take to improve air quality in homes or businesses:

  • Maintain a Clean Environment: Clean regularly, and choose environmentally safe cleaning supplies.
  • Get the Air Circulating: Open doors and windows when possible, to let fresh air in.
  • Invest In an Air Purification System: We carry whole house air cleaners, dehumidifiers, and ventilators to keep you breathing fresh, clean air 24/7.
  • Clean or Replace the Air Filter: The AC filter traps particles from the air as they pass through the HVAC system. If the filter is dirty, it cannot do its job. Therefore, contaminated air will continue to circulate throughout the indoor spaces.
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance: Our qualified technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your system during service.

Expert Air Cleaning Solutions

You can trust the Vallee Air Conditioning and Heating team for indoor air quality advice, products, and services. We’ll provide a thorough and honest assessment and the best solutions for your specific needs to keep indoor air fresh and clean. We’re happy to get you started today!

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