Does Furnace Size Matter in Covington, LA?

As temperatures in Covington, LA, can dip to 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the cooler seasons, you want a furnace that works for your home. Although furnaces come in different sizes, the size often relates to the overall costs. Here are some reasons that furnace size matters.

More Wear and Tear

When you buy a furnace that’s the wrong size, it will need to cycle more frequently. As it keeps shutting on and off, you put more wear and tear on it, which may require regular furnace repairs.

Incorrect Temperature

Using the wrong size furnace also limits the amount of heat you enjoy on colder days and nights. If it’s too small, you’ll need to keep checking and changing the thermostat. Bigger furnaces make a lot of noise and may release too much warmth, making your home feel uncomfortable.

High Power Bills

A bigger furnace is not always the answer, period! A larger one will increase your energy bills because it uses more power to regulate your home’s temperature.

Choosing the right size furnace can make it last longer because it’ll more efficiently heat your home. Additionally, bigger systems often require more money to repair.

How to Choose the Right Size Furnace

To choose the right furnace size for your home, you need to know your total square footage, including any unfinished spaces like an attic. Look at the heating factor, which refers to how close you are to the equator. Many homes often need a furnace with a rating of up to 35 BTU.

Also, consider the amount of insulation in your home. If you have more insulation, you can trap the heat inside and opt for a smaller furnace.

The right pros can help you choose the ideal size furnace and install it before the cooler weather arrives. Contact Vallee Air Conditioning and Heating today to get help choosing a furnace that works for you and to schedule installation.

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